Interior Layout Solutions
We create floor plans, furniture layouts and design the look and feel of a space. Interior Design also includes the specification of furniture, fixtures and finishes, at the same time coordinating their installation. We provide you with the perfect way to communicate as you plan your interior design project online.

Designing the Feel

We help you turn your plans into designs and your spaces into beautiful interiors. We create floor plans and layouts that capture your specifications while maintaining the essence of your vision for your interior space. We maintain the feel of your layout while adding comfort to your place.


Interiors aren’t just about the space. It is about understanding the details and paying attention to them such as focusing on the locality, the natural light and wind inlets. Interiors are about understanding your requirements and matching them with your expectations.


Planning Dreams Online

Our virtual interface makes your interior designs not only affordable but also hassle-free. We make interior designing easier and communication simpler to understand your needs and preferences while turning them into themes and designs. We communicate with your contractors and architects to provide you a well-rounded service that creates luxury.

We also do

Perfect Project Planning

Designing your space can often turn into a headache and coordinating labourers every day with a tight budget can make interior designing extremely difficult. Procuring readymade furniture and fixtures and having to adjust and place them aesthetically in your space is often a task that requires time and effort.

We, at Interior Sync, provide interior layout solutions that include consultations by expert designers prepare 2D and 3D sketches and plans for complete layout of the interior of your space.

Perfectly Designed

We believe in timeless designs with unique twists that ensure beauty, comfort and effectiveness.

Carefully Planned

Good designs come from good relationships that are built through our virtul dialogue to understand you better.

Smartly Executed

We turn your space into a powerful expression of your personality and a reflection of your preferences.

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