Full Interior Solutions
At Interior Sync, our services represent our expertise and investment in excellence. We pledge to get knee-deep in your interior design to help you create beautifully functional workspaces. We also partner with your contractor and architect to build innovative interior spaces and our interior solutions are designed to your specifications to build your brand and cater to your success.

Investment in Excellence

Our interiors strive for excellence in all aspects of our design. We create exquisite modern and traditional furniture and help you install beautifully functional workspaces and specialised work environments. We incorporate your preferences and specifications to create your brand and build your success.

Partnering with Innovation

We aim to build innovative interiors that ignite your growth and integrate your culture into your space. We partner with you contractors and architects to construct interior solutions that have a 99% client satisfaction rating. We build effectiveness and functionality into our solutions to provide you with beauty and ease in usage.

We also do

Perfect Project Planning

Creating a dream space is a cumbersome job. It requires not only modifications in civil works but takes designing of all aspects of the design, from modular furniture to kitchens, from lights to fixtures and from upholstery to curtains. Therefore, trusting Interior Sync for all your interior needs is your best investment in building a project with efficiency and ease.

We complete home interiors from design to procurement of the best materials in the market to manufacturing of modular furniture and decorating your space with the correct paintings and fixtures. 

Interested In Our Services

Perfectly Designed

We believe in timeless designs with unique twists that ensure beauty, comfort and effectiveness.

Carefully Planned

Good designs come from good relationships that are built through our virtul dialogue to understand you better.

Smartly Executed

We turn your space into a powerful expression of your personality and a reflection of your preferences.